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Photo with Sinéad Shiels Mac Aodha, Director of Irish Literature Exchange, while translating Let the Great World Spin and Songdogs

I am a literary translator, having translated the following books:

  1. Bullet Park (in press, originally by John Cheever)
  2. O What a Paradise It Seems (in press, originally by John Cheever)
  3. The Sound and the Fury (originally by William Faulkner)
  4. Bend of the River (originally by V. S. Naipaul)
  5. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (originally by Betty Smith)
  6. Songdogs (originally by Colum McCann)
  7. Let the Great World Spin (originally by Colum McCann)
  8. Netherland (originally by Joseph O’Neill)
  9. Unlikely Hero: Biography of Jean-Paul Sartre (originally by Edwina Pendarvis)
  10. Between Two Worlds: Biography of Pearl Buck (originally by Edwina Pendarvis and Christina St. Clair)
  11. Away Down South: Biography of William Faulkner (originally by Edwina Pendarvis)
  12. Between Absurdity and Reality: Biography of Harold Pinter (originally by Edwina Pendarvis)
  13. That Old Ace in the Hole (originaly by Annie Proulx)
  14. The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde (originally by Peter Ackroyd)
  15. The Cultural Biography of P. S. Buck (originally by Peter Conn)

I can also translate other documents or interpret for business, government or nonprofit organizations. Click on “contact” in the menu item with project details.